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NASA Gymnastics & Trampoline is a gymnastic studio based in Lynchburg, Virginia, where we bring to you a fun and positive take on fitness. We specialize in boys’ gymnastics, girls’ gymnastics, all-star cheerleading, and trampoline and tumbling.


Coach and Athlete Victory PictureFor 3 years, owners Nicholas Minney & Stacey McLean have been training boys and girls of various ages at his studio, resulting into individuals who excel at gymnastics, some even go as far as to become nationally competitive elite level gymnasts, national qualifiers in Dallas, and the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. We have trained 37 state champions, three regional champions, and two national champions.


Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to fly? To experience total weightlessness, yet completely in sync and control of your body? Such is the exhilarating experience of trampoline gymnastics. High leaps, upside down, so far up in the air… it’s nothing short of incredible. We guarantee from the time you take your first ever trampoline jump to the time when you’ve mastered trampoline NASA Team athlete performing a gold medal routine at the Greensboro Gymnastics Invitational on the Olympic Trampolinegymnastics with remarkable skill and talent, you will find yourself feeling lighter and better than ever. A unique sport in itself, trampoline is the one sport that truly lets you touch the sky. More About Trampoline Gymnastics Here


Somersaults, flips, backflips, twists… it’s what tumbling is all about. Learning all these techniques, we help our talented gymnasts masters the perfect sequence of tumbling as they prefer. A stunning sport that’s over within minutes but leaves the crowd in awe and wonder, tumbling gives you an adrenaline rush and thrill so high, you feel as if you never came down from that incredible high jump. Whether you have prior experience with tumbling or not, we make sure any individual who comes to NASA for tumbling training leaves the studio with a proud new talent to boast. More about Gymnastics Here


An artistic sport that combines dance with jumping, tumbling, flips transitions, motion placements, and much more, cheerleading is yet another sport we teach at our studio. With highly enthusiastic and fun instructors and coaches, the fun of cheerleading is maintained intact at NASA studio! From kids to young adults, our all-star NASA all Stars Stunt Groupcheerleading is available for all. We have tumbling classes for school-team cheerleaders who want to preform better for their school teams, and we have our own “All Star” teams of athletes (boys and girls) who compete all accross the state and country for chances at National Titles. More About All Stars Here


NASA Gymnastics & Trampoline is a studio ideal for all, regardless of their interests in the sports available. Our professional yet fun way of training guarantees that whether you are here to polish your skills for a career boost or simply want to learn a new, exciting sport, NASA studio is the place to be. Our fun, challenging, and positive environment brings out the best of your skills as gymnast, cheerleader, or tumbler.