National Artistic Sports Academy Booster Club

a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization


NASABC Stated Goals:

“Building Better People Through Athletics”

NASABC is organized to lend moral and financial support to artistic sports teams (Boy’s, Girl’s, Trampoline, & Cheer Team) at the National Artistic Sports Academy, to aid in the personal development of each member of the teams, and, to foster national and international competition in artistic sports.

Thank you for your support of our athletes and our booster club!

Funding Priorities:

  • “lend financial support”

Goal One: Sponsor Team Uniforms

Goal Two: Sponsor State Championship and National Championship Athlete Entry Fees

Goal Three: Cover Coaches’ Competition Expenses Including Time Invested in Athletes and Travel Expenses

Goal Four: Sponsor all expenses for competitive families relative to competition costs

Goal Five: Sponsor Coaches’ Continuing Education / Training


  • “to lend moral support”

Goals: To provide a safe network of individuals who care about the success of our athletes and offer constant encouragement toward goals. To arrange team bonding and fellowship opportunities for athletes and families. To provide a base of emotional support for team families and coaches. To cheer on all athletes with enthusiastic support!