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NASA Trampoline and Tumbling Program Overviewweb2

  • Level 1 Recreational Classes, Introductory to T&T
  • Level 2 Recreational Classes, Advanced T&T (Pre-team)
  • Level 3 – 5 Competition Team: *Primary Team
  • Level 6 – 8 Competition Team: *Compulsory Team
  • Level 9 – 10 Competition & Elite Team: *Elite Team

*Unique to NASA, For Our Competition Team Athletes, Competition costs are included in monthly tuition!

When most people think of gymnastics, they think about the balance beam, the uneven bars, and rings. However, in the year 2000, The Olympic Committee added a new event to the gymnastics line-up: OLYMPIC TRAMPOLINE!

IMG_7800Since then, Trampoline and Tumbling has grown to become the perfect place for kids who enjoy bouncing, flipping, and a great combination of fun and fitness. At NASA Gymnastics, we have a group of athletes who jump just for fun and a competition trampoline team that boasts 18 state champions and 2 national champions! So whether you are interested in learning how to master a flip or win in competition, NASA has a place for you!



Level 1 & 2: Recreational Classesweb4

NASA’s beginning T&T class curriculum is perfect for fun and fitness as we introduce the introductory athlete to the Olympic sport of trampoline and tumbling—teaching level one skills on trampoline, double mini trampoline, and in power tumbling including all of the basic positions, motions, stretches, workouts, and jumps!


web3Primary Team, Levels 3 – 5

These athletes love to bounce and are masters of the basics and are ready for competition. Primary team athletes train twice per week and have the option to compete in two meets per season, in addition to NASA’s in house Mock Meet and State Championships.

These team members compete USA Gymnastics levels three and four and work towards mastery of their level five skills.



Compulsory Team, Levels 6 – 8

Compulsory Team athletes are masters of flips and twists and seasoned competitors. Many in this group are already champions of competition and even a few State Champions as well! These great athletes compete in minimum three meets per season, plus the Virginia State Championships.



Elite Team, Level 8 – 10 & Elite (YE/JR)IMG_8106

These unbelievable athletes have mastered all of the foundational skills for trampoline and tumbling and get to travel to competitions to show off their skills in a fun competitive environment. The top three competitors for each age group and skill level are awarded with a gold, silver, and bronze medal.

Optionals athletes will compete in 4+ competitions per season plus State, Regional, and National Championships, and as high as world championships.



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Alecive-Flatwoken-Apps-Pdf  Competition Team Handbook


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  Head Coach Trampoline & Tumbling: Coach Nick

  Team Coach: Zach Lutz

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Trampoline & Tumbling
Trampoline & Tumbling
Trampoline & Tumbling
Trampoline & Tumbling
Trampoline & Tumbling
Trampoline & Tumbling

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